TV Club: Jane The Virgin: “Chapter Fifteen”

Jane The Virgin is a series that moves very fast, but that doesn’t mean that its title character wants her life moving at such a rapid pace. Jane Gloriana Villanueva has reiterated many times that she has a very strict plan for her life, and even though that plan has been interrupted by her accidental artificial insemination, she’d still like to stay on the path she’s set for herself. “Chapter Fifteen” dramatically accelerates Jane’s timetable when Rafael proposes to her at a book talk by one of her favorite romance writers, but is she ready to speed things up even more when everything is already happening so fast?

That’s just one of the many questions asked this week, which begins with a flashback spotlighting how much Jane loved asking questions as a kid. That impulse has stayed with her in adulthood, and is the propelling …

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