TV Club: Jane The Virgin: “Chapter Eleven”

A lot is happening on Jane The Virgin. Staying true to its telenovela roots, the show is burning through story faster than seems possible, but so far the writers still have a considerable amount control over all the spinning stories. The beginning-of-episode recap has ballooned so significantly that even the Latin Lover Narrator says we should just get things started because “at this rate, we’ll have to recap the recap.” Jane the character might go out of her way to avoid confrontation, but Jane the show certainly doesn’t back down from conflict, and the writers just keep raising the stakes.

This week builds on the reemergence of the Jane-Michael-Rafael love triangle, which was pushed to the backburner for a few weeks but inched its way back into the central narrative when Jane and Michael ended up trapped in an elevator last week. Even though romance and relationship drama …

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