TV Club: Jane The Virgin: “Chapter Eighteen”

Jane Gloriana Villanueva is a doubter. It’s a side effect of her being an overthinker, and her inclination to doubt has tested her faith in various ways over the years. As a child, it made Jane question religion, and as an adult, it forces her to reconsider her relationship with Rafael. Doubt is the major theme of “Chapter Eighteen,” which continues the downward spiral of Jane and Rafael’s romance, and by the end of the episode, Jane learns that there’s a very good reason why doubt exists.

Recent events have pulled Rafael deeper and deeper into his work, and he pulls Jane along in “Chapter Eighteen,” asking her to skip her favorite family holiday so she can help him get The Marbella’s liquor license back. And Jane accepts because she feels personally obligated: she berated a rude customer that ended up being the city commissioner Rafael …

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