TV Club: iZombie’s two villains come face to face

“Physician, Heal Thy Selfie” is like watching an intricate domino structure get knocked over—simultaneously satisfying, impressive, and yet the end still leaves you anxious to watch the next intricately-designed structure fall. In iZombie‘s case these dominoes are carefully cultivated plot points from throughout season two that all come together here in an extremely satisfying way. This show has so many story threads that at times it can almost be frustrating, but when all those threads get pulled at once it consistently leads to some of the show’s most solid episodes.

The main reason this episode flows so well is the way the case of the week touches every other plot in the episode. It’s something iZombie has done very well in the past, but it rightfully is a device that can only be used sparingly lest it lose its power. Here, the discovery of three headless …

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