TV Club: iZombie: “Virtual Reality Bites”

Halfway through its first season, iZombie is really starting to feel like a show that’s got itself figured out. The past two episodes have established a nice balance between the case of the week and the more serialized aspects of the show, and tonight added a good, solid story for Liv’s personal life to the mix. The most promising thing is the indication that the different aspects of the show are starting to converge as the season develops, giving everything an enticing momentum as the ongoing plots unfold.

First things first: Despite the writers’ attempts to scare the Major-loving members of its audience, Major is very much alive after his brush with Blaine’s henchman at the skate park. Getting beat up by who he assumes is the Candyman only strengthens his resolve to find out what happened to Jerome and Eddie, though, and his search leads him …

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