TV Club: iZombie: “The Exterminator”

One of my biggest concerns about last week’s iZombie was how the device of Liv attaining the personality traits of the people whose brains she eats was potentially affecting us getting to know Liv as an actual character herself. “The Exterminator” quickly proves my worry premature, as the show smartly uses Liv’s confusing visit to Major’s apartment at the end of last week’s episode to have her go on her own little emotional scavenger hunt to determine how she can cope with becoming someone else every time she feeds. By trying to figure out how to reconcile these two very different parts of her new personality, Liv finally feels like a fully realized person and iZombie becomes emotionally richer as a result.

Liv’s emotional tangle begins when she eats the brains of an exterminator who turns out to be a hitman with antisocial personality disorder …

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