TV Club: iZombie: “Patriot Brains”

As horrifying as it was, the end of this episode had to happen. iZombie has been slowly guiding us toward this moment all season; more importantly, it’s been slowly guiding Liv to this moment. Throughout the season Liv and Blaine have been two zombies on diverging paths, their stories only coming together on the periphery while they both go on adapting to zombie life in drastically different ways. But Liv is our hero and Blaine her evil foil, and it was inevitable their paths would have to cross again. It was inevitable Liv had to learn about Blaine’s operation, so she can eventually try to stop it. And it was sadly inevitable that she needed an emotional reason to drive their ultimate showdown and make it personal. It doesn’t get more personal than the bad guy killing your boyfriend.

This episode alleviated a lot of my latent …

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