TV Club: iZombie: “Mr. Berserk”

There were two main ways iZombie could deal with the shocking death of Lowell: embrace increased serialization and have Liv wallow in it, or immediately return to the established murder of the week status quo and push her feelings to the side. Smartly, the show opts for a combination of the two, facilitating this with the best—and most relevant to the season-long arc—murder mystery to date. That, paired with the continued deepening of Major’s arc as he creeps closer to the truth, makes for an extremely strong episode in a series that just keeps getting better every week.

This episode is filled to capacity with great moments, but the thing that makes it all work is the case of the week holding it together. Liv starts the episode distraught over witnessing Lowell’s murder, and she’s first questioned by the police and then later having horrible …

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