TV Club: iZombie: “Maternity Liv”

We’re at the exact midpoint of what’s been a strong first season for iZombie, and with six episodes behind us and six episodes to go, the show has already settled into such a workable groove that even the just-okay episodes aren’t too disappointing. A typical iZombie (and it’s a measure of how assured the series has been that we can already talk about an episode as “typical”) includes: a mystery; a personality-adoption for Liv; fun banter; some advancement in Liv’s personal relationships; and some movement in the story of the minor zombie eruption that started this whole shebang. As long as some or most of the elements of that formula are reasonably flavorful, then the show is working.

“Maternity Liv” hits on about three out of five of those points. Or maybe two-and-a-half. The drag on the episode is the mystery, and the brain Liv …

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