TV Club: iZombie: “Live And Let Clive”

Four episodes in and iZombie is ready to get complicated. The show has done a great job in a short time period in setting the tone of the iZombie world, establishing (most of) its characters, and laying the groundwork for the weekly murder mysteries. While “Live And Let Clive” continues all of these missions, it also has an ambitious new mission of its own: to begin to flesh out the dark, seedy underbelly of Blaine’s own little zombie underworld. This leads to a jam-packed episode that might not all quite fit together in the end, but does it with enough confidence that it almost doesn’t matter.

This episode is also the first time the show significantly strays from Liv’s point of view, spending a big chunk of time exploring exactly what the heck Blaine is up to with his cash-for-brains operation. The episode announces its intentions early …

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