TV Club: iZombie kicks off season three by focusing on the big picture

In its first two seasons, iZombie spent its time mainly focusing on the ways being turned into a zombie directly affected Liv’s life. Yes, there were bad guys (Blaine), then bigger bad guys (Mr. Boss, Vaughn, and the Max Rager fiasco), and an increasing sense of impending doom, but the show always smartly pivoted those concerns directly back to how they affected Liv and the other people in her life. The end of season two brought about the end of most of the previous bad guys, while at the same time signaling the beginning of a welcome new era for the show, one where Liv’s personal concerns expand to encompass the idea of the zombie race as a whole.

Max Rager biting the dust leaves a big, villain-shaped hole where Steven Weber’s glorious scenery chewing used to be, but that hole is immediately filled by the introduction …

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