TV Club: iZombie is straining under the weight of too much plot

Season three of iZombie may have finally hit the point where there is officially too much going on to track. There are only three episodes until the end of the season, but instead of things feeling like they are wrapping up more story beats are being introduced every week. With all of these plots both new and old it’s getting harder and harder to tell what is happening, let alone how they all fit together.

The key story making this season feel more and more complicated throughout the past few episodes is the James Weckler story and what exactly happened to him and the dominatrix he killed. Instead of having a traditional case of the week, this episode featured Liv eating the blue juice-soaked brains of Weckler in an attempt to help Peyton figure out why her case against him kept coming out wonky at every turn. What Liv …

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