TV Club: iZombie is firing on all cylinders right now

Last week, HitFix television critic Alan Sepinwall published a very interesting article about the rise of serialization in television and how it is hurting the ability of many shows to construct coherently structured, compelling individual episodes. It’s a trend I’ve noticed recently as well, mostly because every week this space allows me to analyze iZombie, which is doing the exact opposite, and doing it well. There is an art to constructing serialized television that develops over many episodes, and there is also an art to constructing television episodes that are satisfying stories in and of themselves. iZombie just happens to be doing both things at the exact same time better than pretty much any other show on television.

“The Hurt Stalker” is a flat-out great episode of iZombie, and this is because it falls within that sweet spot of advancing the show’s season-long arcs and presenting an …

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