TV Club: iZombie: “Astroburger”

Liv cannot trust her own mind.

Of all the things that come from being a zombie, this is perhaps the most unsettling. Sure, being undead isn’t great. Having to constantly work to avoid transmitting your condition to others is worse. Being forced to eat brains to survive? Even worse than that. But even after all of that, it’s the idea of losing a part of yourself every time you eat a different brain that’s the most mentally disconcerting; something impossible to get used to, simply because it’s never quite the same each time it happens.

Throughout the first season, Liv has encountered many different types of brains that have caused many different side effects, but none as devastating as the brain in this episode. Ingesting the brain of someone with paranoid delusions means more than simply assimilating a few quirky character traits. It means giving up …

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