TV Club: It’s time to tab out on Feed The Beast

The menu has yet to be finalized at Thirio, but the same can’t be said for Feed The Beast, which keeps serving up the same limited options week after week. If any of these characters are capable of learning from their mistakes, they’ve shown little evidence of it in these first five episodes. Tommy’s a morose wimp, Dion’s an impulsive hothead, and the restaurant is perpetually on the brink of disaster. Reheat and serve.

This week’s catastrophe in waiting is the lack of a liquor license. You don’t have to be in the restaurant business to know that such a thing can be nearly impossible to procure under the best of circumstances and certainly not something to leave until the last minute, but this is business as usual for Thirio. Pilar has only just gotten around to submitting the application, and since the restaurant …

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