TV Club: It’s time to hit the panic button on WWE Monday Night Raw

You’d be forgiven for thinking that when you flipped on Monday Night Raw tonight, that we were a few weeks away from a PPV. You’d be forgiven for thinking that WWE was maybe starting to think about its next steps, about how it should start to ignite some feuds and see what sparks. Unfortunately, we’re not weeks away from a PPV, and tonight’s episode is the go-home Raw before the TLC PPV. I can’t say that this week’s Raw is any worse than last week’s, but boy does it try hard to lower the bar as far as possible. As we head into Sunday’s PPV, I feel nothing but apathy, and occasionally downright hatred. Raw is in a dire state right now, and tonight’s episode is a pretty good representation of everything that’s currently wrong with the product.

There’s …

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