TV Club: It’s the most maddening time of the year on Jane The Virgin’s winter finale

The holidays have a reputation for being one of the most stressful times of the year, and that’s especially true for Jane Gloriana Villanueva in “Chapter Thirty.” In addition to the constant stress of being a new mother, Jane is dealing with the fallout of her break-up with Mateo’s father, Rafael, and financial issues at school caused by the meddling of her own father, Rogelio, and she’s finding it very hard to keep her cool. The episode opens with a flashback to Alba teaching a 6-year-old Jane how to stop her too frequent temper tantrums by having her granddaughter create an acrostic for the word “CALM” that will soothe her when she’s mad, a valuable anger management tool that Jane uses throughout the chapter. Whenever Jane feels enraged, she thinks of Cheese, Abuela, Lists, and Monkey Michael Mateo to cool the cartoonish steam shooting from her …

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