TV Club: It’s the call of the wild vs. the call of duty on The Crown

Here are three overwhelming situations a person might face in their lifetime: A parent dies unexpectedly, a beloved head of state dies unexpectedly, you’re thrust into a high-pressure job you feel unprepared for. Now imagine all three happening at once. That’s the situation Elizabeth faces when news of her father’s death reaches her during her royal tour in Kenya. And while any one of those things would be enough to send someone into a tailspin, Elizabeth must face them all with dignity befitting the new Queen of England.

After the quieter prologue of “Wolferton Splash,” “Hyde Park Corner” ramps up the stakes at it launches into the official beginning of Queen Elizabeth’s reign. And it does so with a neat structural trick. Though George’s eventual death is baked into the show’s premise, it seems like the kind of momentous event that would take place …

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