TV Club: It’s Rick triumphant on an unexpected Rick And Morty

Well, that was unexpected!

Rick And Morty is a show that encourages—no, demands—smart viewers. It’s a show that routinely breaks the fourth wall, that throws in jokes in a half second that take hours to parse; a show that more or less summarized the entirety of Beckett’s oeuvre with a single gag about a butter-passing robot. The downside for the writers being that the smarter the audience gets, the harder it is to surprise us.

Which may be why we get this: a season premiere streaming on April Fool’s Day that no one knew about, that got no advance word, that I only found out about three hours before I missed the chance to catch the stream. The “prank” doesn’t resolve any of the third season’s potential stumbling blocks (the actual content of the episode goes a long way towards accomplishing that), but …

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