TV Club: It’s parasols, pillow fights, and cotton candy on a heartbreaking Review

As “Happiness, Pillow Fight, Imaginary Friend” opens, Forrest MacNeil is as adrift as he’s ever been. (Not literally adrift. He’s been more literally adrift.) “I’ve just been having this recurring nightmare where I shake a Magic 8 Ball toy,” he tells A.J., “and the lifeless head of my victim’s bobs up into the portal as if to say ‘Outlook not so good.’

A teenager prescribed antidepressants asks, “What am I, just going to be happy all the time? What’s that like?” and Forrest sways in relief at the assignment. “I mean, it could have been anything!” (It could have been anything, literally anything. It could have been murder. Again.) He heads out of the studio trilling, “I don’t know what’s in store for me now, but it hardly matters because whatever it is, I’ve got to be happy! All the time …

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