TV Club: It’s kill or be killed encounter therapy in the wasteland on Rick And Morty

Your parents will fuck you up. Beth and Jerry’s relationship has never been a shining beacon of hope, but on a show like Rick And Morty, where dysfunction rules and the most important thing in the universe may be the ability to find something you can hold on to, at least they’d managed to stay together. Beth is terrified of abandonment, Jerry is a Jell-O mold hunting for a spine, but their insecurities and needs combined in a way that sort of worked. And then Rick forced the issue and broke them up, and things have once again gone to hell. Not a bad way to start a season.

“Rickmancing The Stone” is more about the fallout from the divorce than I would’ve predicted. The episode picks up a few weeks after the premiere, with Jerry settled into a Depressed Dad’s Motel (I wonder if he …

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