TV Club: It’s getting harder to care about the characters on Feed The Beast

When we find ourselves rooting for deeply flawed protagonists, it’s usually because they’re charismatic and good at what they do, even if what they do is very bad. A Tony Soprano or Al Swearengen or Don Draper who bungles the simplest of tasks isn’t likely to hold our interest or sympathy for long. In Tommy Moran and Dion Patras, Feed The Beast offers two characters who are each brilliant at one thing. Tommy is a wine genius who can tell you who picked the grapes simply by sniffing a class of Bordeaux, while Dion is the master chef who can create previously undreamed flavor sensations using whatever he finds in the crisper drawer. These talents aren’t enough to sustain them as compelling characters, however, because this is a show about two guys trying to open a restaurant, and they are terrible at that.

For that reason …

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