TV Club: It’s dine, death, and dash on Ash Vs. Evil Dead

It’s easy to forget the gory roots of Ash Vs. Evil Dead. Back in the ‘80s, Sam Raimi’s little splatter-film-that-could initially received an X-rating and was considered a “video nasty” or a “number one nasty,” and for all the right reasons: blood, guts, and puss spray everywhere; body parts are smashed or lopped off with ease; and, well, a woman is raped by a tree. No, Ash didn’t sell The Evil Dead, the violence did. So, following a handful of episodes that thrived from much-needed character development, it’s a relief to stumble into a messy half hour like “The Killer of Killers”, where the series revisits its murderous alma mater at an unfortunate roadside diner.

No kidding. Within minutes, an ice skate bludgeons a teenager, a child gets lodged into a ceiling fan, a wooden spike slams straight into a chef’s skull, and Kelly goes …

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