TV Club: It’s condoms versus vibrators on Grace And Frankie

In “The Incubator,” Grace drags Frankie, to an incubator which, to Frankie’s dismay, is not a chicken incubator but rather a tech startup. Parodying the tech startup world is certainly well-trodden territory on television, but Grace And Frankie largely succeeds in making it feel fresh. Frankie and Grace waltz into the wild world of Partner’d, a startup with a DJ in the lobby and an ongoing game of laser tag that everyone in the office participates in throughout the day and a wall covered in bikes. The laser tag bit is especially funny, but it all comes together visually and tonally. The only area where it slips a bit is in their actual pitch meeting with a guy so over-the-top that it crosses a line and takes you out of the moment. Grace And Frankie‘s greatest strength is how easy and breezy it feels. The actors and …

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