TV Club: It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: “The Gang Group Dates”

If there’s one thing that keeps the Gang tethered to the human world, it’s their desperate need for self-delusion, a fact that “The Gang Group Dates” mines for big laughs. It’s Always Sunny has shown remarkable discipline over it’s nine-plus seasons, never weakening in its conception of the five main characters as the sort of selfish, irresponsible, destructive people that would make Larry David make excuses and jump in the nearest taxi. With the marginal exception of Charlie, whose constant ability to lay waste to everyone he touches stems from a place of more innocent (though no less destructive) insanity, the Gang views every episode’s premise as the starting gun for a race to satisfy their most venal, petty desires. That the show has resisted anything like an overt explanation for how these people got the way they are is part of that discipline, but …

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