TV Club: It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: “The Gang Goes On Family Fight”

In a great episode of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (and there have been a few of those this season), the show’s assorted crude shenanigans coalesce into something bigger, and darker. A really good Sunny sees the Gang’s adventures, mishaps, and petty cruelties reveal something about the way that such behavior illuminates not only the five main characters themselves, but also about the deep, grimy crevices of the collective human soul which give birth to such monsters. Not that the Gang learns anything lasting—for that would violate the very spirit of the show—but that we, as viewers, recognize our collective complicity in the characters’ selfishness, prejudice, sloth, and casual meanness. In such episodes, we have met the Nightman, and he is us.

And then there are episodes like “The Gang Goes On Family Fight” where the show is basically just screwing around. That’s not …

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