TV Club: It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: “The Gang Beats Boggs”

It’s been more than a year since The Gang last entertained us with some appallingly hilarious behavior, which makes the in medias res device of the 10th season premiere “The Gang Beats Boggs” such a kick. The Gang hits the ground running, or rather speeding down a runway, chugging beers in a quest to beat legendary baseball hitter Wade Boggs’ apocryphal record of downing 50 (or 60, or 70) light beers on a single transcontinental flight (and then going 3-for-5 against the Mariners). And while the conceit suffers from a touch of lazy plotting absent from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia at its best, the episode is a solid showcase for all the characters (and actors), and a welcome and promising harbinger of what’s to come in the world of—let’s say it together—the worst people in the world.

What keeps this show from becoming …

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