TV Club: It’s all for one and one for all on Inside Amy Schumer

It’s no small feat to stand out on an episode that features Missi Pyle as a gynecologist whose bland smile never falters as she lists off increasingly bizarre expressions for the vagina, Bridget Everett enlisting an audience member in her unabashed anthem to her own pussy, Questlove effortlessly upstaging Amy Schumer, and Schumer herself diving awkwardly onto a pile of exercise balls.

But in “Everyone For Themselves,” a recurring Inside Amy Schumer performer does just that. Grace Edwards, seen in “Brave” as the office worker braving her colleagues’ submerged racism, brings bubbly energy to the episode-opening commercial for Shhhh-snacks. Her face brims with pleasure as she sits in a bathroom stall, shoveling in the specially branded silent chips of shame-eaters, and her “Just silently pooping!” has just the right blend of faux-cheerfulness and anxiety.

“Just silently pooping!” (Grace Edwards) (Photo: Comedy Central)

But it’s the birthing group sketch …

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