TV Club: It’s all about balance on a solid Monday Night Raw

There was one big looming question heading into this week’s Raw: what would WWE do about Roman Reigns’ suspension? The day after Raw aired last week it was announced that Reigns had violated WWE’s wellness policy and had been suspended for 30 days. As many noted, that left him free to come back at Battleground and compete in the scheduled Triple Threat match, and further reports suggested that WWE knew about the violation prior to Raw, when the match itself was made. So, would WWE nuke the main event or just roll with it? As it turns out, WWE’s plan is to just take things in stride and face the violation head-on. Not only does Seth Rollins start the show by going straight at Reigns and his “mistake,” AJ Styles and John Cena come out to agree with Rollins’ assertion that Reigns should be removed from the …

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