TV Club: It’s a very Roguish Christmas on The Flash

What more could Flash fans want for Christmas than Captain Cold, Weather Wizard, and the Trickster teaming up to take on Scarlet Speedster? (Sure, Mirror Master is still on my wish list, but no need to be greedy. Someday…) As holiday celebrations go, “Running To Stand Still” has a little something for everyone. Zoom is still the looming big bad of the season, putting in a few brief appearances to torment Wells-2 into helping him build Barry’s speed up to its highest limits before snatching it away from him, but the big, scary speedster from another world doesn’t exactly embody the Christmas spirt. For that, we turn to some old favorites who bring a certain joie de vivre to their evildoing.

When Mark Hamill was brought on to reprise his Trickster role from the 1990 Flash series last season, it was ostensibly to serve as a mentor to …

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