TV Club: It’s a shiny The Shining when Mac & Dennis ditch Sunny for the suburbs

It’s worrisome that season eleven of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia hasn’t truly committed. While this has been a funny half-season of television by any standard, it has also not lived up to the complexly lofty standards of dark comedy the show has set for itself. In the first five episodes, we’ve gotten a sequel to a fan-favorite episode, a crowd-pleasing episode filled with callbacks, a ski movie goof, and, last week, a more traditional episode, shakily executed. And now, with “Mac & Dennis Move To The Suburbs,” Sunny spins two characters off into their own story for most of the show. They go entertainingly mad there, sure, but the fact that Sunny isn’t delving as deeply into the Gang‘s gloriously tangled web of co-dependent awfulness is a cause for concern.

I’ve written at length about the fact that what makes It’s …

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