TV Club: It’s a New Day (kind of) on Monday Night Raw

There was a brief moment at the beginning of Raw when I though maybe, just maybe, tonight would be different. I thought, as the glorious timbre of Big E’s voice told me not to be sour, that perhaps WWE was going full steam ahead with their best stuff. And make no mistake; New Day is currently WWE’s best stuff. I thought, okay, here’s WWE recognizing that with all of their big stars on the sidelines and ratings at the lowest they’ve been since the late 1990s, starting the show with the new big stars isn’t such a bad idea. And sure enough, New Day comes out and does their thing and it’s great…until Sheamus comes out. Before Rollins was injured, him and the New Day had some solid chemistry going. It seems WWE is trying to replicate that tonight with its opening scene …

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