TV Club: It’s a long night at the Motor Motel on a climactic Fargo

Well, the Sioux Falls Massacre certainly lived up to its name. After a season full of dropped bodies, the climax of “The Castle” still manages to be shocking in its brutality. Multiple police officers are murdered, pretty much the entire Gerhardt family is put down, and, perhaps most upsetting of all, Hank gets gutshot. It’s a mess. People make decisions without considering the consequences, trusting faulty information and their own gut instincts to drive them forward, and the result is a bizarre blood bath which never needed to happen.

The pointlessness that runs throughout “The Castle” is thrilling to behold, and the episode’s introduction—framing the story as a chapter from The HISTORY of TRUE CRIME in the Wild West, with occasional helpful narration from a guest starring Martin Freeman—helps to underline the absurdity. The artificiality of the device, and the way the narrator helpfully points out …

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