TV Club: It’s a battle of the sexes, Workaholics-style

Adam, Blake, and Ders’ collectively arrested development is Workaholics‘ bread-and-butter, the show’s popularity stemming from viewers’ tolerance for—or, more accurately, love of—watching three stoner knuckleheads screw around for half an hour. Sure, there other layers here that make Workaholics more than the sum of the guys’ bong hits, malapropisms, and disastrous decisions, but we’re mainly here for the screwing around.

Still, creators and stars Adam DeVine, Blake Anderson, and Anders Holm aren’t Adam DeMamp, Blake Henderson, and Anders Holmvik—the show has lasted for six seasons because the actual guys (as much as they clearly enjoy weed and screwing around) have some things to say about their alter egos. In even the most outrageous and irresponsible antics of the fictional Adam, Blake, and Ders, the joke is ultimately on them—even if the joke is softened with affection and a certain guilty understanding. Crude, juvenile …

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