TV Club: It feels like old times when Homer takes a fall on a fine Simpsons

Writing The Simpsons must be incredibly hard. Hell, writing about The Simpsons is hard. There’s just so much of it to draw from, to amplify, to ignore, to reference, to try not to repeat. And the “not as good as it used to be” chorus can’t be the most encouraging soundtrack to the task—it’s one thing to have to live up to ten or so seasons of one of the best and most culturally influential TV series ever, and still another to have the world dismissively warning that you never will.

But The Simpsons is still The Simpsons, as hard as it is to remember some seasons. These characters, this world, they’re all still waiting for the right people to look at the pieces and assemble them into what they can still be, dammit. Who are the right people? If I had to make a …

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