TV Club: Issa loses momentum in a stagnant Insecure

“Thirsty As Fuck” is a funny episode of Insecure, but feels as though it’s taking two steps forward and one step back. While Issa sees improvements when it comes to her dating and career prospects, Laura Kittrell’s script does little to add nuance to those conflicts. This doesn’t make “Thirsty As Fuck” a bad episode, but it certainly feels a bit stagnant after last week’s episode examined the complexities of code-switching for modern black women. The episode feels a bit repetitive as Daniel shows up to throw a wrench in Lawrence and Issa’s “leveling up” and the episode ends with her job threatened again. Luckily, the episode gives us more insight into Molly and Lawrence. If “Thirsty As Fuck” didn’t succeed at expanding the narratives of its secondary characters, it wouldn’t be as successful as it is.

Molly’s narrative this episode is …

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