TV Club: Issa and Molly make bad decisions in an emotional Insecure

Well, I guess if we were sick of watching Issa weigh the pros and cons of her actual relationship with Lawrence and a theoretical relationship with her longtime crush Daniel, “Shady As Fuck” finally makes Issa’s mirror sex fantasy a reality. I can’t say I was shocked when Daniel and Issa finally gave in and had sex. Insecure is a great show because it captures the imperfections and mistakes of its protagonists. The studio scene was incredibly well done––Issa was in her element, Daniel was complementing her and the smile on her face made it clear that he makes her feel a way Lawrence doesn’t. Who wouldn’t give into their lifelong crush tenderly stroking their face and saying they’re finally ready to give it a shot? It’s easy to be mad at Issa for cheating, but at least she’ll finally be forced …

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