TV Club: Is this it for The Knick?

It’s not right to say the horror story is over in the season two finale of The Knick, only that it’s relinquished its grip on us. “This Is All We Are” is a dark episode, especially for a finale, and very especially if this turns out to be the series finale now that the show has dropped in the ratings, lost the shock of the new, and says goodbye to its movie star lead. “This is all we are” is almost a mission statement for The Knick, or so it has seemed. Those are Dr. John Thackery’s last words, uttered in a stupor after attempting to perform surgery on himself without anesthesia and accidentally nicking his aorta. Here at the end he says in words what The Knick has been showing in some of the most powerfully choreographed images on television from the get-go: We’re just …

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