TV Club: Is there any hope for salvation in OITNB’s Litchfield?

Welcome to TV Club’s coverage of season four of Orange Is The New Black. Reviews will be posting daily at 2:oo pm EST, leading to the review of the season finale on June 29. These reviews are written from the perspective of having only seen up to the episode in question, and so we ask that you respect the pace of other viewers and avoid spoiling details from future episodes in your comments.

What is Litchfield?

Forgive the existentialism for a moment, and resist answering “Uh, Myles, it’s a prison, are you okay?” I know it’s a prison. But how would you describe it? Is it a dangerous place where bad people go to learn a lesson? Is it a place where women who made mistakes go to be reformed and then welcomed back to society? Or is it something else entirely?

Orange Is The New …

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