TV Club: Iron Fist’s finale doesn’t enter the dragon, it trips over the finish line

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: In the climatic final battle of a superhero story, a vigilante with parent issues has to decide whether or not to kill his nemesis. I’m going to venture most people reading this have seen a superhero story like that before because I could spend this whole review listing the many, many live action comic book adaptations that all end in precisely that way (not least of all Netflix’s Daredevil). After finding a more original story for its penultimate episode, Iron Fist‘s finale falls back on the most overused of superhero tropes. And that makes for a disappointing conclusion to a disappointing season of TV.

“Dragon Plays With Fire” is one of the worst written episodes since the start of the season (and perhaps not coincidentally the first creator Scott Buck has been credited with co-writing since then). There …

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