TV Club: Iron Fist starts to finds its feet as Danny gains a new ally

After a slow premiere and a largely superfluous second episode, Iron Fist delivers its first solid outing of the season. “Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch” isn’t perfect. The show is still plagued by stilted dialogue and wonky characterizations, but the episode clips along at a steady pace and offers some solid action sequences along the way. And like I mentioned in my last review, a little panache goes a long ways towards papering over an episode’s weak spots. This really should’ve been Iron Fist‘s second episode as it gets the story rolling in a way “Shadow Hawk Takes Flight” just didn’t. Danny (finally!) takes concrete, logical steps to verify his identity. Colleen proves her mettle in more ways than one. Ward and Joy both get even more complicated than they were before. And we find out Harold Meachum sleeps and/or regenerates in a glass tube …

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