TV Club: Iron Fist raises the question, is Danny Rand the Donald Trump of superheroes?

We’re only three months into Donald Trump’s presidency and it’s already cliché to frame TV and film criticism within the framework of “Trump’s America.” Yet there’s one scene in this episode during which I couldn’t help but think of The Donald. As Joy gets Danny to open up about his time in K’un-Lun, he describes his journey to becoming the Iron Fist:

When I got to the monastery post-crash, I learned of a certain position. A powerful, important job and I wanted it… Everyone there, and I mean everyone, said there was no way a xiaoguilao like me could do it… [But being called an outsider] just made me want the job more. The problem was I never thought through why I wanted this job. I mistook my stubborn will for a sense of destiny or something. I never counted the cost of …

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