TV Club: Iron Fist gets better once it admits Danny Rand is the worst

It turns out the biggest problem with Iron Fist wasn’t its so-so action, its lack of a central villain, or even its weak leading performance; it’s the order in which it chose to tell its story. We’re just now, 10 episodes into the series, starting to understand Danny’s relationship to his Iron Fist powers. And while those reveals make Danny a more interesting character in retrospect, they don’t make up for the hours we spent sitting through his nonsensical behavior at the beginning of the series. This season is bit like if the first Captain America followed a buff Steve Rogers through all of his World War II exploits, only to reveal two-thirds of the way into the movie that he used to be a scrawny guy. It might make for a shocking twist, but it would lose the heart of the film: Captain America …

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