TV Club: Into The Badlands reveals much but surprises little

Film Crit Hulk, one of the Internet’s greatest, greenest thinkers once wrote “the ending is the conceit.” After all the world building, all the logical follow through of the Badland’s politics, the ending should hit the nail straight on the head—and hard. The season one finale of Into The Badlands goes the opposite route, clouding its theme in obfuscation and introducing new plot threads. “Hand Of Five Poisons” largely fails and it does so where last week’s episode managed to finally pick up steam. Little is resolved on either story or emotional levels and it hurts the whole of the season.

Admittedly, Into The Badlands has never had a particularly solid through line, but we at least had Sunny’s desire to leave with Veil and M.K.’s evolution as a superhuman warrior guy. These twin storylines are two sides of the same coin, a …

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