TV Club: Into The Badlands only cuts skin deep

Joss Whedon started out his big-screen finale, Serenity, of his small-screen show Firefly with a long, continuous, point-of-view take snaking through the titular ship in order to give the viewer a sense of space, an awareness of the physical area the characters occupied. “Fist Like A Bullet” accomplishes the same without any lengthy Steadicam shot. Bar fights are tight and tense; the fields confining and endless; the bathtub both welcome and menacing—a solitary island in the large room. It all works so well for a show that continues to rely on everything except story and dialogue, both of which continue to drag flat. However, “Fist Like A Bullet” losses up more so than the debut and the show is better for it.

The episode starts, sadly, with a chauvinistic pan up of The Widow, leather boots first. She’s in a strip club recruiting her ex-Regent to take down …

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