TV Club: Instead of a true reboot, The Muppets “make a few tweaks to our show that make us happy”

At first, the brief opening theme to ABC’s The Muppets appears to be exactly the same as when we last checked in on Jim Henson’s creations: Kermit walks to craft services for some coffee, only to see his coworkers swarm the table and pick over the refreshments in hyper-speed until there’s nothing left. Right as he’s about to bow his head and sigh “Time to get things started” with resigned exhaustion as he did last season, a voice echoes from off-frame.

“Oh Kermie!” squeals Miss Piggy before rushing on-screen with a cup of Joe for her ex. Kermit smiles, pleasantly surprised at the gesture, then looks into the camera.

“It’s time to get things started,” he says with enthusiasm.

It may seem like an insignificant alteration, only it’s not. Not in the slightest. The frog’s change in demeanor indicates that, unlike the first …

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