TV Club: Inside Amy Schumer rubs its clips to an unsatisfying finale

Two minutes into “Rubbing Our Clips,” Inside Amy Schumer‘s season-ending clip show, host Andy Cohen tells Amy that the hellos will take “about a half an hour.” Her response: “Well, this show is only a half-hour, so, like, let’s move it along.” If only.

As a framing device for a series of unrelated clips, the Real Housewives reunion-episode send-up is well-crafted and amusing, providing an excuse to revisit decontextualized pieces of previous sketches. But context is part of what makes comedy work. As instinctively funny as many of these performances, premises, and lines are, presenting them as two-second snatches of comedy both draws on their original power in their respective sketches and robs them of it.

(Amy Schumer, Greta Lee) (Photo: Comedy Central)

That’s not to say “Rubbing Our Clips” is without structure or context. The framing narrative works well on its own, immediately presenting the four …

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