TV Club: Inside Amy Schumer: “Last F*ckable Day”

Inside Amy Schumer is back with a boisterous, wise, and funny season premiere that confirms Schumer is a comic working at the peak of her powers. “Last F*ckable Day” is a powerhouse episode, with explicitly feminist cultural critiques carried out with a palpable affection for the culture they prod apart.

The opening sketch is a twerk video parody with frenetic energy. “Milk Milk Lemonade” combines Schumer’s sharp eye for the inherent absurdity of objectifying women’s very human body parts with the obvious joy she gets from over-the-top pop confections. The video, which features cameos from Amber Rose, Jemima Kirke, Amber Tamblyn, and Method Man, is a genuinely catchy cascade of visual puns. Riffing on a butt-obsessed culture has been done, but the unabashed silliness and escalating scatological references are perfect. Schumer dons cornrows and a grill and mugs with Method Man, a nod to the cultural vampirism …

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