TV Club: Inside Amy Schumer: “I’m Sorry”

So far this season, Inside Amy Schumer has pulled off a remarkable feat: A consistently funny sketch comedy show that also feels cohesive, like each episode is carefully arranged in a kind of vulgar tone poem. This week’s episode, “I’m Sorry,” is more haphazard and rough than its predecessors, to the point where it comes off at times like a lost episode from the first season, when Schumer was still feeling out the show’s tone. Yet this shaggy, strange episode is still very funny.

The sketch that gives this episode its name shares DNA with two of the strongest sketches from each past season, “Compliments” and “I’m So Bad.” In “I’m Sorry,” Schumer plays a scientist who has been invited to speak on an all-women panel on innovation. The panel goes haywire quickly because the speakers cannot stop saying that they are sorry whenever they …

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