TV Club: Inside Amy Schumer: “Cool With It”

“Cool With It” has a strong thematic thread running through it, as Inside Amy Schumer looks at the ways women struggle with conforming to standards of beauty and expected behavior to make men happy, and what happens when they don’t bother. It’s an uneven episode, not as consistently funny as last week’s excellent premiere. Still, it provides the best worst fart-noise-based beatboxing performances by a white man over forty in recent history.

The episode follows last week’s “Milk Milk Lemonade” with another gleeful, catchy music video parody. This time, the spoofed musical genre is treacly boy band empowerment tunes. In a candy-colored apartment, a gaggle of coiffed teens croons to a blushing Amy that she’s most beautiful with no makeup on. The song plays off the confusing messages women receive about how men like appearances, with a wink at the wee pubescent scamps of One …

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